For fashion forward and flexible individuals who want to wear a touch of thoughtfulness, Memento Made is a clothing and accessories brand that aims to create memorable, elegant and quality pieces you can cherish.

Our Story


Memento made started with an idea to make wearable and usable items that hold sentimental value much like your favourite memento or keepsake but without compromising on style. We strive to create pieces that are comfortable, high quality and hard for you to give up. Our products are your keepsake, yours to keep safe.

What we do

In a fast paced world where everything comes and goes, we want to create something that can last. Something that can be cherished. 

Our mission is to create unique items that are available in limited quantities, making them exclusive to you. We love to experiment with and incorporate unique designs, prints, and fabrics into our products to bring you items you can treasure. Each collection and item is a 'Memento Made' for you and meant to hold sentimental value. Some of our handmade items are even one of one! This means once our items are sold out they most likely won't be restocked but new items will continue to be released so make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on new launches.

Our Vision

To help create a future where there is more conscious compassion and less thoughtless consumption. A world where people matter and issues matter. Where fashion lovers can look good but so can the planet. To aid in this effort, we are always looking for ways to rework certain fabrics or materials into our products and sourcing our materials from trusted and ethical suppliers. We also support other small businesses and creatives by sourcing fabrics and materials from them where possible. 

Core Values

  • To inspire and evoke
  • To deliver quality over quantity 
  • To thrive together